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Subwoofer Polk Dsw Pro 400 8 220v

Impecable estado, muy poco uso. Muy potente, se lo configura suave como para dar ese efecto grave de las peliculas.
En mis otras pulicaciones tambien vendo juego de parlantes Sony, sintoamplificador y TV 4k
Soy de cordoba capital, barrio urca. Se puede probar.

With an 8" woofer and cabinet using less than a cubic foot, you can hide this bad boy just about anywhere. This subwoofer is perfect for bookshelf, satellite, sound bars and in-wall speakers not needing the higher output of the larger subwoofers.

Remote Control
In combination with the blue status LED, the remote control allows you to adjust your subwoofer without getting up from your seat. The 4 way phase selector allows easy blending to your main speakers. It also gives you full control of PRO Room correcting features.

Blue Status LED
Provides you useful feedback when adjusting settings on your subwoofer. The blue light matches today's high tech electronics and can be turned off

Night Mode
Yes, we realize your DSW Series sub has the colossal power to wake the house and neighbors. That's why we provide Night Mode so the subwoofer operates at less intensity.

Polk Room Optimizer™ (PRO)
The room and the sub's position are the second weakest link in the chain and are often ignored. Instead of "one size fits all" of other subs, PRO corrects for different positions of the subwoofer throughout the room with 4 presets accessible from the remote.


Driver Complement
Subwoofer 1 - 8" Diameter (20.32cm)
Downward Firing Slot Port
Loud & Low Specs(CEA2010)
Low 114 db
Ultra 91 db

Overall Frequency Response 25Hz-160Hz
Lower -3dB Limit 30Hz
Upper -3dB Limit 125Hz
Inputs LFE, Line In, Speaker Level In
Outputs Line Out, Speaker Level Out

Cabinet Size 14-5/8" H x 13-3/4" W x 13-3/4" D
(37.15cm H x 34.92cm W x 34.92cm D)

Subwoofer Amplifier Specs
Power Output 180 watts Continuous Average Output
Dynamic Power Output 360 watts
Available in 220V

Product Weight 30.00 lbs. (13.61kgs)

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